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Beyond theory: 5 lessons for achieving real results

Mark Ryland invested in his Mr Electric business, finding a balance between his future goal and past experiences. Combined with the training they offer, Mark’s business goes from strength-to-strength.

When Mark Ryland took early retirement from an IT career in 2003, he didn’t envision years later he would be running his own business, witnessing the kind of success his Mr Electric, in South West London is experiencing.

He says, “I remember I was grumbling yet again about work when I realised that as a trained electrical engineer, with an MBA, I should be running my own business. This hit a chord: I wanted to action the theories I had learned.”

Based on Mark’s experiences, here are 5 lessons for achieving real results:

  1. Don’t throw away your past experiences

Not everything you do is a waste of time, even though it may feel like it when you are in the moment, or having just walked away. Some people have walked out of one career into a completely different one, because they became bored, unfulfilled or disillusioned. But there are ways to use what you know, to advance your own career, in the direction you want.

“I’d been involved in IT for around 20 years.” Mark says. “While I knew I wanted to do something different, I didn’t want to start back at the beginning.”


  1. Invest in a better version of yourself

Mark had already been dreaming about running his own business, so took steps to invest in his future goal by attaining an MBA. Whatever you want to achieve this year, finding ways to power yourself up to the next level is definitely worth investing time and money into.

“I wanted to move into management. I had a dream of owning my own business, but had no clue where to start!” Mark says. “Studying for a Master’s in Business Administration offered me the background knowledge I would need to manage my own business. This gave me confidence to take the next step forward.”


  1. Combine what you know with an expert voice

With a franchise opportunity like Mr Electric, Mark has been able to combine his skills with a proven business model. Originally launched in America in 1994, Mr Electric has risen to become one of the biggest names in the electrical service sector, as part of franchising powerhouse, The Dwyer Group. Franchisees combine management skills with Mr Electric’s experience, to supply contractors for all aspects of electrical servicing and maintenance.

Mark says, “I chose Mr Electric, because I knew I needed the support offered by a franchise, to run my own business. When I met Mr Electric’s Franchise Manager at a Franchise Show, I was impressed with his honest and direct answers. He went beyond the ‘sales pitch’. And I could see a way in which I could most effectively use my electrical engineering training, with the MBA I’d worked hard to achieve, alongside their business model.”


  1. Practice the theories

Mr Electric are committed to providing ongoing support for their franchisees, from business start-up, to on-going training such as in marketing, advertising, and technology which help keep you ahead of competitors.

“The initial training I received from Mr Electric was very good.” Mark says. “Along with other new franchisees, we spent time with Mr Electric’s Head Office team who ran through everything we would need to know about our new business. Developed from almost 25 years’ experience, based on over 2,800 franchisees worldwide as part of the Dwyer Group, Mr Electric has a reputation for integrity, professional excellence and quality customer service.”


  1. See results

With his understanding of IT and the support of Mr Electric, Mark has since moved his business online, and discovered the importance of PPC (pay per click) advertising to propel his business forward.

“Some franchisees worry about how much they are spending on PPC, SEO or web leads.” Mark says. “But over the last year I have converted some of the leads generated, into an amazing amount of money – not bad for a cost just under £11! Doing the first job for one new customer, generated from PPC, allowed me to establish a relationship with them, and find out more about their future plans, and how I could offer my services. In the end, this one lead converted into a massive £22,000!”

Mr. Electric London South West highlights how PPC, SEO and web leads are what you make of them. Providing fantastic service, quality workmanship and simply building a relationship all come naturally when you follow the Dwyer Group’s C.U.S.T.O.M.E.R. system, and it shows this can pay off in magnificent ways!

Many franchisees choose to join Mr Electric having already either worked previously as an electrician, or have experience in management. As Mark demonstrates, with the support of the Mr Electric franchise, you can turn your dream into a real-life achievement.

If you are interested in finding out more about C.U.S.T.O.M.E.R. alongside more than 2,800 Dwyer Group franchisees, currently operating around the world, providing essential services to over 2.5 million customers, make Mr Electric your next step. To book into one of our awareness days, or find out more, speak to Lesley. Call: 07780 001887, or email: