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I am starting to see why we are one of the biggest franchise companies in the world

After just six weeks at the Dwyer Group UK, I am starting to see why we are one of the biggest franchise companies in the world.

Serving over 2,800 franchisees, across 18 brands worldwide, I’m proud to be involved with such a customer-focussed and successful service franchise.

Within the 1st week of starting my new tenure, the VP of International Operations, Jeff Dwyer said to me, “We strive for three things in this business, 1 – To build great relationships with our franchisees; 2 – To support them with a team of expert small business coaches; and 3 – To provide a world-class training programme”.

Without going into the boring linear explanation of the systems, software and support our model delivers, I just want to explain what I’ve experienced at Dwyer so far and how I’ve seen the team in Banbury manifest Jeff Meyer’s vision on a daily basis.

  • Building great relationships with franchisees
    This is tough, as everyone in the franchise industry knows. All fellow recruitment specialists will recognise the position where they’ve had a great relationship with a prospect… until they actually join the franchise network. Then the hard work begins.

They expected more marketing support; they want to be left to their own devices; why isn’t the franchisor generating more leads? These are just some of the thoughts which can go through a franchisees head (and out of their mouths) when they start operating their franchise business.

But that’s natural, and here at Dwyer every member of staff recognises and understands each stages a franchisee might go through; so we educate ourselves ready to deal with all aspects of their process. As the Head Office team, are currently reading The Franchise E Factor by Greg Nathan. We discuss each chapter together, thinking about how we can relate it to us, and assist a franchisee if, and when they experience any one of the six stages franchisees potentially experience.

Armed with this knowledge, combined with the fact that the majority of our Franchise Consultants and Senior Management Team have either owned their own business or been Franchisees (some within The Dwyer Group), means they really understand how a franchisee is feeling. Helping them to empathise and provide the support necessary.

  • To support franchisees with a team of expert small business coaches
    Who better to support franchisees than people who have been there and done it. Who have felt the highs of vocational independence, and the lows of… well, vocational independence. After all, many people invest in their franchise because they fear going it alone. How often have you heard the phrase ‘safety net’ associated with franchising? So this is what we provide: a net of people ready to catch you at any time, with any issue!

Not only do we have a team of business owners, Jeff and Pierre have built a team of experts in specific fields – each excelling and focussing on a specific area of business to support a franchisee. Those fields include;      Marketing;         Software;           Staff Recruitment and Retention;            Technical Training, Research and Development; Financial business analysis.

Between them they are a premium support network of business consultants helping franchisees to plan, execute, review and grow, year upon year.

  • To provide a world-class training programme
    The Dwyer Group is proud to have spent 35 years partnering and supporting franchisees with delivering world-class services to their customers. Even now, with over 2,800 franchisees worldwide, over 150 of whom operational in the UK, we know we’re not perfect. Which is why we seek advice from our franchisee network. Our Franchisee Advisory Council meet regularly with us providing feedback, and discussing initiatives and training requirements for the network to move forward.

 Our training programme, which is hosted at our Central Support Offices in Banbury and Cheadle Hulme, will now be offering a variety of training days to support both old and new franchisees, for over 50% of the working year in throughout 2018! We are essentially offering a training opportunity every other day, aimed at franchisees and their employees, covering topics like financial planning, employee engagement and retention, customer service training, and technical training.

So it’s safe to say, I’m convinced I’ve joined a truly world-class franchise, determined to change the face of the service industry, globally. I’m looking forward to continuing in a career aimed at helping people change their lives, supported by our franchise.

If you’d like any information about starting your business with The Dwyer Group, please feel free to contact me on or drop me an InMail on here.